Global1 Scam – online reputation management for the Henry Kaye connection

I’ve mentioned this in other posts, I am not the only person talking about Global1 and Henry Kaye working together. There are a couple of other write-ups that you can find if you Google them.

However there has also been something else going on that I wasn’t aware of. Check this out, run a Google search on:

Global1 scam

Look carefully at the results on the first page and you’ll see that a lot of them are astroturf attempts. Particularly this flagship result, which is very obviously an official company page:

You’ll also notice that if you just type “global1” into Google, one of the top autocomplete entries is “global1 scam” – showing that a fair number of people are searching for that term.

It looks like those pages and entries started going up in around March 2014, so clearly Global1 had a problem with information leaks even back then. Most likely that got some of the clients worked up and made some of the speakers nervous, so Global1 had to do something to quieten things down.

Now as soon as I noticed this, I realised I’d seen it somewhere before. Then I remembered:

Jamie McIntyre did the exact same thing to try to deal with his whistleblowers!

Google “jamie mcintyre exposed” and you’ll find not only this real website:

but also this attempt at diverting attention back to a controlled message:

And in the search for “jamie mcintyre scam” you’ll find this astroturf site:

Interesting similarity in approach huh? Not too surprising, because Henry Kaye and his team are behind both campaigns. And he is nothing if not a cunning marketer!

After all, Henry has a vested interest in maintaining the appearance of integrity around his sales channels as much as possible, for as long as possible. It’s good for business.

Till next time, stay safe in the property market!



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2 responses to “Global1 Scam – online reputation management for the Henry Kaye connection

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  2. macgonagle

    Very good observation. This is a common ploy used by those with tarnished reputations to protect the first page of web results.


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